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Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet[DG-5460]

We start our show off with 22 year old Eric who's lounging around in his tank top and sweat pants. These don't stay on for long...

This horny boy un buttons his pants and slides them off to reveal his thick long cock. Something he is clearly very proud of. His cock is hard already and wastes no time in getting his hand wrapped around it. Lifting the pre-cum off of the tip with his finger he rubs it round the head and all over the shaft before leaning over and spitting down onto it, rubbing it all round. Moving to the chair there's more pre-cum to play with. This boy just keeps it coming. Eric plays with his balls and a little of his ass before lying back down onto the couch. Wanking it like a mad man he announces he's going to cum, and boy does he. Eric shoots a handfull of spurts over his abs to land just below his nice smooth chest. Waving his cock at us, he says good bye......but you just know this we'll see more of him.


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