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Spy Quest #02[DG-6475]

Spy Quest #02

Spy Quest 2 is jizz-packed proof that sequels can be sensational. You don't need to be an undercover agent to find out what a stunning collection of cock is crammed into Spy Quest 2. And you won't be keeping your own under cover when you catch the hellacious fucking goin' down in this thriller.

Spy Quest 2 ends with a shocker twist and a literal explosion-but not before Titan Exclusives Jake Deckard and Spencer Quest out-shock all their previous performances when they cum together in a must-see finale. These super studs don't just fuck. They detonate. It's a flip-flopping, multiple ball-busting blaze of high power, sweaty man fuck.

Blond babe Brad Star rocks it with hairy-chested, classic Titan man Ken Mack. In his first film in three years, Jack Simmons works over tough guy Troy Gamaun. And Cobalt's eye-poppin' hard-on plows into nasty guys Zackary Pierce and new Titan Exclusive Cole Ryan.

Drool-inducing ass eating and truly startling cum-geyser climaxes make Spy Quest 2 unquestionably spectacular!


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