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Raging Stallion DVD

Causing a Throb in all their extremities, the chemistry between these studs gets pulses pounding hard. Eight naked studs generate the animal heat and sexual dynamite found in Throb.

Intense sexual connections, muscle, cock and ass come together leaving balls drained as the wads these dudes let fly get splashed across faces and torsos.  Angelo Marconi loves getting his hole pummeled by a muscle man, and Alex Marte's throbbing cock deep inside Angelo's pulsing hole produces enormous loads of pure pleasure.

Donnie Dean's oral skills make Jimmy Durano's cock pulse until his balls swell and his massive cock gets bigger and harder deep inside Donnie's hot throbbing hole, leading Jimmy to leave a flood of cum on Donnie.

The veins on Connor Maguire's throbbing cock lead directly to Wolfie Blue's major points of entry, and Wolfie will pretzel his body into nearly any position that will allow Connor to fuck him harder and deeper. Lust has no bounds when the energy shared between sculpted JR Bronson and Enrique Romo takes over. After Enrique ignites the passion with some sizzling tongue kissing, the intensity doesn't die down until both of them are covered in cum.


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