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Drop-Ship Sex Toys | Reliable Adult Drop-Shipping

Drop shipping is an effective market model which is gaining popularity for small start-up businesses and businesses that do not wish to keep stock on hand and concentrate on sales and marketing. Drop- shipping involves a business where the actual online place the customer has ordered from, doesn't necessarily keep the items physically in stock. Instead, when that store sells a listed product, an order is sent to a third party, like xsales, which will discreetly handle the shipment of the product for their client. In this way, the person/website that has sold the item, never actually physically sees or handles the product but the person buying the item will believe that they have been shipped from them. There are many advantages when it comes to this style of business model and it is a service which Xsales happily provides to approved customers. If you're a little unsure about drop shipping, here's a few of the outstanding benefits of it.
1. Focus on marketing, SEM and SEO
With less time being spent on ordering, stock counts, stock upkeep etc, you'll be able to spend the time developing your business model both in terms of marketing and SEO and SEM work. Businesses these days understand that simply having access to stock is not enough, that you need time and dedication to the upkeep of your business and also in terms of making your business visible to the public for them to utilize.
2. Specialize
One of the best pieces of advice i was ever given was that if you consider everyone to be your customer, then no one will be. By specializing, you will attract a niche market, and this niche market will make your business to be more effective than it would have otherwise.
We use discreet packaging with just the return P.O. Box address.
3. Come to Market More Quickly
To start a sexotys business - you'd generally need to invest considerable amount of money into your stock before you can actually start selling it! With a business drop shipping model, you can have instant access to stock, and almost immediately start selling it! Though you will need to source your stock and drop shipping companies carefully to ensure that you're still able to make a decent profit margin and make sure that your business will be viable.
4. Sell more, store less.
Since you won't necessarily need to store a large extensive stock range, your overheads will be substantially cheaper. Your drop ship supplier, will handle their storage costs allowing you to easily access their stock ranges with far less overheads than normal. You won't need to hire staff for picking products for your clients, nor will you need to rent out warehouse space. Thus making your life, a lot easier.
Whilst there are some complexities in drop shipping, especially when it comes to multiple drop shipping suppliers, Xsales strives to ensure that there are no dramas. Orders received are generally serviced within 2 working days and are sent in discreet packaging. No Xsales company information is included except a return PO Box in case of a failed delivery.
We also use A Flat postage charge that is charged per order (not per item) and no handling charge is made. In case of failed delivery any further postal charges will be borne by the client. Xsales also has a large extensive stock list, so that, dependent on your market and specializations, that you might not need to use as many drop ship suppliers due to the comprehensive range. Drop-Shippers also receive the true wholesale price with margins of 50% or greater when selling at RRP.
Xsales is a wholesale site and if you have not purchased from us before, a minimum purchase of AUD$150 is required from approved businesses and $500 from individuals. Initial purchases require payment up front unless credit has been applied for and approved. Generally we require three pro forma invoices before approving credit. There is no minimum order value for drop-shippers, however the item cannot be posted directly to the drop-shipper, it must be sent direct to the purchaser. Xsales has a dedicated customer service team that are available to handle any queries or complaints in a professional and efficient manner. To express your interest in availing your business to Xsales drop ship service you can register online at or email us at or fill out your details on the contact us section on our site.
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