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Xsales Disclaimers | What Xsales Does Not Warrant provides the content to the site to the best of its ability. It is up to the user to make their own inquiries to satisfy themselves of the content as displayed and described. The user agrees that they shall not have, make or bring an action, suit, claim, demand or proceedings against or RMV Management Pty Ltd for damages, compensation, losses, costs, expenses, orders or any other legal or equitable remedy should any such material be found to be incorrect, inaccurate, erroneous, defective, deceptive or misleading, whether caused by negligence of or any other cause whatsoever. at its discretion will provide live feeds from its data base to online drop-shippers and retailers allowing access to descriptions, images and wholesale pricing for any category or the complete inventory. This information provided in these feeds remains the intellectual property of RMV Management Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries. These feeds are provided on a supplier to customer basis and are only provided whilst that relationship is active and valid. Should a customer not order from xsales for more than 3 months this relationship shall be deemed to be null and void and the feed will be terminated and any stored information from those feeds will be surrendered by the expired customer.