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Selling Bondage

There are a growing number of sexual and behavioral related fetishes growing every year. Most sexual/non sexual scene play involving kink or fetish will generally center around leather, steel, and bondage related toys. There are of course exceptions to this, but these are specific to kinks such as age play, furry play, costume play etc.
Xsales bondage wholesaler stocks thousands of different unique fetish and kink related items and whilst, for the most part, they will sell themselves due to quality and price point aspects, it is still important that you understand what the toys are, what they do, and what in particular that they're used for. For example, whilst it may be a whip - there are actually several different styles of whips and each have their own purpose. This article will go through the various types of Kink toys and include tips on how these bondage toys can be sold, used and to whom might be interested in them. Cross selling within bondage toys will be where you can easily and effectively increase sales, and whilst you don't necessarily need to be an expert on them, a sound knowledge will impress your customers and increase the chances of them coming back, and telling their friends.

Impact Toys

Flexible Whips
Flexible whips are generally what you normally think of when it comes to whips. Think Indiana jones, or flogger style whips, cat o nine tails etc. Within this style - There are generally considered to be two different types of whips, stingers and thudders. Stingers will generally be made of a tougher material, or have long thin braided strands for the end. Stingers are the whips that hurt the most, they will leave the best marks and can score, and mark the skin very easily with lined patterns. Thudders will generally be heavier, use a heavier/thicker material such as elk/moose thick leather. These ones will bruise with enough force, but the pain that is attributed to them is more of a thud, as opposed to a sharp sting. Pain seekers should go the stinger type of whips, those that don't necessarily like pain but like a deep styled massage kind of effect, should go the thudders. They also work excellently when combined together, mixed and matched during the same play session.

Firm whips
These include canes, and riding crops. Like Crops, as these are quite firm they also have a sting element to them, with a finishing aspect of a thudder. This ultimately depends on how you use them, and to what effect, and with what kind of strength and swing you are using with them.

Paddles are excellent pieces for show and tells, they can quite easily mix a thudder and a stinger in one toy as you get the sharpness of the slap, followed by the thud as the pain evolves. These toys make great show pieces as they can be quite loud, and their small size (in comparison to large intimidating whips) make them great transport options.

Selling Impact Toys
Impact toys are not necessarily toys that you would use by themselves. They make great combo pieces either with each other (stinger and thudder style) or when you combine them with handcuffs, restraints, or other bondage style toys. When selling Impact toys, you need to ascertain the customer's pain threshold, or notify them as to the two different types of pain that impact toys give. Impact toys can also be used in a variety of ways other than for creating impact. For example, you could use a soft suede whip as a tickler, whereby you drag the tails along the skin after a strike, the sensitive skin will be able to feel the soft suede at a much more intense level than normal, allowing the user to be able to tantalize as well as inflict pain at their whim. The trick is to notify the customer as to the type of pain that they will potentially be receiving and determining whether that is suitable. A good way to tell is if you get a product, flick it softly onto the sensitive part of the wrist, underside, and what sensation you get when you flick it.

There are many different styles of restraints on the market, and before you try to sell a customer some restraints, you need to know what kind of restraints that they are after. If they're new to the bondage scene, or they're not after a fully kinked out room, then introducing them to kitted out full leather restraints complete with keys and padlocks might just freak them out a little. For beginners, and those after some light hearted restraint fun there are a bunch of small kits which are ideal. Bondage kits, don't usually have full leather pieces in them, they ae made with softer materials and may even actually use Velcro instead. It is important to know what it is in the kits, the quality and type of material, so that you can actively advise the customer even before you open the box to show them. For leather restraints, you need to make sure that the cuffs fit well on the person, and that they're happy with the colour and style. When stocking leather products it is important to work with colour schemes, if a customer is buying red cuffs, they will not be buying a blue whip, a pink paddle and a purple eye mask. Chances are that if they're going to buy multiple products that they will stick to the same style and colour, and you can quite easily increase your chances of sales by picking up, and handing them a similar styled item that you think that they may want to buy with their cuffs.
Cross-selling with Restraints.
Selling other items with restraints can be quite easy and fun. Not only do you have the impact toys that you could promote to use with the restraints, but you can mix almost anything to sell with restraints. Keep in mind that restraints immobilize a person, allowing someone to do almost whatever they want to the individual. BDSM doesn't necessarily have to be about pain, but it can also be about sensuality as well. Products such as massage oils, body massagers are great pairing items to sell with restraints, as you can sensually massage the body during restraining. Alternatively, you can give the restrained individual a sensory overload by pairing restraints with a body wand. Strap the body wand to the thigh and apply it to the clitoris or balls, turn it on high and wait. The sensory overload is not something everyone can handle and the intensity can be quite overwhelming. You could also pair it up with one of our favourites - wartenberg wheels. Restraints, wartenberg wheels and a blindfold will force the body to rely on its senses and again result in a sensory overload. Knowledge of your BDSM and Kink related products, will ensure that your customers never just purchase restraints by themselves.
Cleaning Leather Products
Leather toys will need regular cleaning so that they do not deteriorate. Leather is porous and t will require cleaning to ensure that absorbed fluids are dealt with. Some people will clean with warm water and a soft sponge, and others (especially where bodily fluids have come into contact with the leather) will require cleaning with a 70% rubbing alcohol solution which will kill bacteria that normal soap cannot reach. It is important that afterwards that the product be fully dried and a leather conditioner be applied to the product and that it is stored in a place outside of direct sunlight, which may crack or dry out the leather. Cleaning leather can be time consuming but considering a lot of leather is quite expensive, it makes sense to look after it and keep it clean between play sessions. Whilst you may not require an intensive clean between every single play session, you will need to clear

Penis Plugs
Penis plugs are a unique item and it is quite important that you give your customer all the information that is essential to them. This information relates to sizing, cleaning, usage, and after-care.
It is important, no essential that when selling penis plugs you inform your customers of the dangers that are associated with them and let them know these safety tips -
  1. Each and every time you use your penis plug check for any damage, scratches, irregularities on the plug as these may cause serious injury to the urethra.
  2. Start with the simplest best penis plug you can find for your first time, preferably with a circular, tapered tip. These are the ideal option if you are a novice and they assist you get used to them.
  3. Always sanitize your penis plugs, which is one among the reasons why metal plugs work the best because they are easy to clean in boiling water.
  4. Use a high-quality, germ free lubricant for introducing penis plugs to create the experience comfortable. By no means exercise saliva as a lubricant.
  5. Go gradually. The urethra penis has to accept the new feeling of being expanded. Relax, don't hurry and you will enjoy it.
  6. Never force the penis plug into your urethra; it may cause damage.
  7. Do not use numbing cream or anesthetic as your body will warn you if something is going wrong.
Unless your customer is experienced in penis plug play - then you need to ensure that they are getting a beginners size to start off their penis plug adventure. You need to be looking at a plug roughly 5-7mm in entry width and then either consider a straight insertion, or a gradual insertion. Like shopping when hungry, it's really not a good idea to be shopping when horny either. As sex toys can't be returned it is essential that the customer pick the right sizing for their needs. When using penis plugs, it's also essential that they purchase quality lubricant, or as sterile lubricant - which is the most ideal. The less chemicals it contains the better, as the inside urethral walls are delicate and can be easily disrupted, especially with a low grade, gritty lubricant. Further, after usage, the user needs to urinate in order to flush any remaining lubricant out. Insertion must be done calmly, and slowly so as not to tear the delicate walls. Before selling a product to the customer, it is imperative that the product be checked for defects, such as rough edges, a misaligned wal or other surface defects. A small defect can be damaging to the body. Further, before each use the toy needs to be rechecked for any defects that may have occurred due to poor or improper storage methods. For this reason, it is likewise important to ensure that you notify the customer in proper storage of Steel Sex Toys. This includes, keeping the toys separate at all times, so they're not constantly rubbing against each other, as well as to keep them away from other items. It would not be a bad idea, to have them individually wrapped in their own cotton/satin/other material bags.
In the event that the customer is looking for a steel cock ring, you need to ensure that they have the proper size. To measure up, the customer needs to take a piece of string, wrap it around their penis both flaccid and soft. Measure that piece of string, divide it by 3.14 and that will give you the diameter of the cock ring that you need, the same principle can be applied to glans rings, and shaft rings attached to penis plugs. Steel sex toys are prized for their durability, but they still require maintenance. To clean steel sex toys, you have several options which include; antibacterial soap, soap and warm water, and also boiling or being put in a dishwasher. Though, you need to take care when putting steel sex toys in the dishwasher so that you don't accidently end up with a dishwasher full of broken ceramics and glasses. Do not use a bleach solution, and do not use any cleaning based product that contains chlorine.
Bondage Safety
What was once viewed as a "bondage" obsession is presently advancing into bed rooms the world over, so it's vital to follow a few guidelines to ensure your bondage play is fulfilling and safe. When done effectively, bondage can be a private, erotic and sexy experience for all.
While you may not yet take an interest in the more extreme types of bondage, for example, self-bondage, you ought to in any case exercise safety in even the least complex practices. So you need to be sexy and safe with your bondage play, here are a few quick tips to kick you off...

Safety in Words
Being open and honest and verbalizing is critical when you set up to enjoy any kind of BDSM play, particularly one that includes restraints and disabling their mobility and reflexes. You need to discuss with your partner before you start what you are comfortable and not comfortable in doing. You won't know the amount you'll appreciate it until you do it, yet don't be hesitant to talk up if something is not being enjoyed.
If you think your partner is feeling uneasy with something you're doing to them, stop promptly until they let you know. What your fantasy dream may in fact be their nightmare. Say your partner enjoys being blindfolded amid kissing or oral sex doesn't imply that they will appreciate being tied up, as well. The sentiment being blindfolded and bound can be very frightening in any case, so take as much time as necessary and don't rush it.
One of the best techniques for permitting you and your lover to stop a bondage action is the utilization of a 'safe word'. A safety word is, basically, a verbal indication by bondage participants to promptly stop an action that is taking place that they are not comfortable with.
Since some BDSM exercises include a specific measures of pain and delight, basically saying, "no" or "stop" isn't sufficient to stop something you are not comfortable with, in light of the fact that these expressions can regularly be translated as pretend. Pick a word that is disconnected to sex so that you're both sure of its significance when it is talked amid a S&M session.
Common words are 'red' for stop, 'green' for enjoying it, or 'orange' I am a bit uncomfortable with what is going on so slow down until I am sure I want to go further.
Physical Safety
Alongside words to guarantee safe bondage play, there are physical approaches to guarantee the security of your lover (or 'base'), or your wellbeing in case you're playing a bit more hardcore. Here are some things to go over before you start any new type of bondage play -
  • Talk to your partner about what you plan to do.
  • Agree on a safety word should you feel uncomfortable or encounter any torment.
  • If your partner has been choked and can't verbally convey your security word, give them an item to drop on the floor when they need the session to stop for any reason. A ball, ringer or book functions admirably in such circumstances.
  • Never put a rope or sling around somebody's throat unless it is a collar around the neck.
  • Never use a think lead around your partners neck
  • Avoid restraints if they are going to make your partner uncomfortable.
  • Keep checking to ensure hands and feet aren't getting frosty or turning blue, as this is an indication of poor blood course and you should stop.
  • Never leave your partner alone it they are tied up.
  • Make duplicates of any keys required as a part of your bondage toys in case you lose the first keys. You need to be able to release your bondage mate quickly.
  • Test all your equipment before use each time.
  • Use sex toy cleaners or equivalent on all your bondage toys to evade microscopic organisms developing and bring down the danger of infection or disease, particularly if your toys are part of S&M exercises.
  • Always think things through first and ensure that there is a method available for escape whilst restrained.
This article should be considered a basic introduction to the care, and selling of bondage gear. For a truly intensive look into the BDSM world of products and care, you should devote some time to research to give you the best opportunity for increased sales and profits.