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Selling Penis Enlargement Devices

Many people assume that penis pumps are solely for penis enlarging. Whilst this is true, you can certainly expand your clientele by thinking outside the box.
1. Penis Enlargers
Penis pumps work quite well for temporarily enlarging the penis. It does this through a vacuum seal, which stretches the skin and accelerates blood flow. There are several things that you need to know when selling cock pumps.
Firstly, for penis enlarging techniques the customer needs to be notified to use it at least 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minute sessions. It can be considered like going to the Gym, and the user needs to maintain gym attendance in order to see any results. A session includes a warm up period, a pumping period, and a massage period. To start off with the client needs to massage their penis before use, this generally involves placing the shaft between their thumb and two first fingers, gripping firmly and pulling forward, this technique is known as jelqing and you may even use lubrication to help ease the friction depending on your comfort levels.
This needs to be repeated a few times to accelerate blood flow. Following this, a washcloth that has been soaked in warm water needs to be applied around the penis and balls. The warmth of the washcloth also helps to promote blood flow and assists the pump in terms of making the muscle easier to work with, and increase blood flow to a satisfactory period.
You also need to tell the user, that it is best if they trim or shave. It's much easier to get a good seal, when you're not competing with Pubic Hair. Following this, they will also need a thick water based lubricant. The thicker it is the better, as this will also help achieve an effective seal. Lube up the base of the shaft and the area where the base of the cylinder will go against, then if needed, you may also apply a small amount of lubricant along the shaft. This will help ease the friction if the shaft expands enough to hit the sides.
Whilst some people recommend using oils to help with pumping, i generally would not advise it, as it can damage the cylinder, or at the very least, damage the delicate silicone ring at the base of the cylinder which helps with achieving the seal. Place the cylinder over the shaft, and then firmly press it against the body, ensuring that the balls are kept out of, and are nowhere near, the base of the cylinder. Then squeeze gently. If a seal forms, then squeeze again, else if a seal doesn't form, remove the cylinder place it against the body and try again. Once a seal has formed, many people are under the incorrect assumption that you pump like mad. No. What you do, is pump a few times, hold it for a few seconds and then release the pressure. Squeeze again, pump up a few times, hold it, and release the pressure.
Again, Iím going to use the analogy of the gym, you just don't go to the gym and use the biggest weight you can see, you have to work up to it, and like going to the gym you need to work up the pressure. Every few times that you release the pressure, squeeze an extra squeeze to increase the level of suction, and hold it for a longer period. I would generally advise the following work out.
1. Squeeze 3 times, hold the pressure for ten seconds, then release. Repeat x 3
2. Squeeze 4 times, hold the pressure for fifteen seconds, then release. Repeat x 3
3. Squeeze 5 times, hold the pressure for twenty seconds, then release. Repeat x 3
The user can hold for longer, or shorter depending on their comfort levels. The above exercise is intended as a guide only and like all workouts, should be tailored to the individual.
So on and so forth until the user reaches a point where they can no longer comfortably handle the pressure. It is very important that the user does this slowly, and carefully. Too quickly and there is the potential to burst a blood vessel, whereby they'll have a deeply bruised penis, and a period where they may not be able to get erections, until it has healed. That's right, incorrect use of a penis pump can damage the vessels inside and make erections painful, or not happening at all. The rule of thumb for penis pumps is that if it hurts, stop. Release the air pressure and try again another time. If the penis starts to feel numb, or starts going blue, then they need to stop pumping, and repeat the jelqing/massage exercise that was stated earlier. Grabbing the shaft, firmly gripping, and pulling forward.
When pumping if you notice any discolouration, red spots, bruising or anything other than ordinary, you need to immediately stop pumping, and wait at least 4 weeks before pumping again. The skin will heal the fastest, however there may have been damage done t the tissue underneath the skin and this will take up to four weeks to heal, if you pump again before the muscle has fully healed, you will simply open up the wound longer, and be out of action for longer. As mentioned above, so long as you pump slowly, and do not exceed your body limits, then you will have little risk to injury, but it is important that you follow all of the safety advice above.
2. Penis/Vacuum Pumps for erections
Vacuum pumps are extraordinarily useful for patients recovering post-op surgery for prostate cancer/removal and anyone who suffers from erectile dysfunction. Most vacuum pumps or penis pumps will come with a cockring, the cock ring is an important part of maintaining an erection. Indeed, before you even start using the cylinder, you need to put the cock ring around the base of the cylinder. This will allow you, once you've finished pumping, to as you pull the cylinder off you can also pull the cockring so that before the cylinder has been removed, the penis ring has already been pulled into place over the cylinder.
As above, you follow the exercises, warm up and pump exercises, except you will hold it for shorter periods of time. The goal here is not to necessarily get a bigger sized penis, but you're trying to increase blood flow. This actually occurs when you pump, and not necessarily when you're holding the vacuum seal. Each pump will actually promote blood flow. Once you have repeated this exercise for several minutes, they should be sporting a nice erect penis. This is when you pull the cock ring off the cylinder as your removing it, so that it immediately clamps around the base of your penis and helps hold the blood in for an erect penis.
3. Kinds of Cock Pumps.
One of the best Cock Pumps around is LA pump. One of the primary reasons for this, is that it can be considered your all-rounder pumper kit. For your average joe, the LA Pump might not be the most economical option. However, for those interested in Pumping systems and quality pumps and versatility, then you should be recommending the LA pump to them. Why? Because it has an amazing client return rate.
They buy their first LA Pump handle, with one cylinder. They then have the option to upgrade that cylinder, they can get a T cord so they can pump with their partner or a playmate, or they can get a partner/partner pumping system with different parts and attachments that you can use regardless of gender. The LA pump system is more than just a cock pump, you can get clit cylinders, nipple cylinders, foreskin restorers, cock and ball attachments and all sorts of pumping aficionado tools and tricks.
The LA Pump is also a solid system, unlike other lower quality pumps the LA's use male and female adapters to ensure that there is a perfect seal, further, they can even pump up a cylinder and safely remove the Hand pump and the cylinder will keep its pressure! Allowing them to pump up multiple body parts with relative ease. The cylinders of the LA pumps are also toughened to withstand higher PSI's and also come in numerous shapes, sizes, and girths for people so that no-one is left behind.
4. Traction Devices.
Aside from penis pumps which also help with erectile dysfunction, there are also tools specifically for penis enlargment. These guys, often referrred to as traction devices, are specifically designed to stretch the shaft using the scientifically proven method of traction. These tools are attached to the base of the penis, with a small nook that sits underneath the penis head ridge, and gently pulls the shaft via two attached adjustable rods which provide tension. This consistent tension promotes cell growth and assists greatly in a non-surgical procedure of penis lengthening. The promoted cell growth assists both length, and girth and can be attributed to up to a 2 inch lengthening and a 1.5 inch increase in girth. The better brands such as andropenis, the jes-extender, and male edge also have a medical purpose as well. They assist men that suffer from Peyronies disease, or a severe curvature of the penile shaft. Whilst in some cases a slight curve is quite useful for increased sexual stimulation, there are many man who suffer severe anxiety, depression and decreased sexual performance because they're unhappy with the severe nature of the curvature. Traction devices help repair this issue, due to the increased tension, and it's ability to keep that tension in a straight manner which promotes cell growth around the penile tissue scarring which has caused the curvature. Results in this regard are varied, due to the nature, severity and placement of the penile tissue scarring but there is always some form of improvement to the curvature.
Traction devices take time however, and like all penis work-outs which can be likened to the analogy of going to the gym, the wearer needs to be wearing this consistently and as constantly as possible. Some brands recommend to be wearing them for several hours every day, however if you're working in construction, heavy labor, or around machinery or unable to wear loose fitting pants than this might pose a time-based challenge, especially since due to the amount of movement in our sleep it is not recommended at all to wear during sleeping. This time issue poses two problems, firstly being that if you're unable to wear it for extended and consistent periods you may be dissatisfied with the length of time the product takes for you to achieve successful and noticeable results. Secondly, due to this people may be more inclined to increase the tension beyond the normal safe limits. It is vital that when using traction devices, that you follow the instructions carefully and to the letter. Too much tension at a time will actually decrease the effectiveness of the product and may result in unfortunate side effects.Trust me, when it comes to your dick it's not something that you particular want to be rushing. This is something that's very important and needs to be conveyed to the customer before purchasing a traction device. It's also important that the penis be given a break from the 'work-out' at least every two hours. The device needs to be taken off, the shaft massaged for better blood flow, and the device returned to being applied. Following the instructions will guarantee lower risk, however there may still be soreness to the shaft and there may be itching as the cells regenerate and promote their own growth. Beyond that, the AMA (The American Medical Association) have classified traction devices as a class one medical device. This means that the devices are to be considered low risk, with no long term side effects so long as instructions on their use are followed closely and accurately. Indeed, some urologists will even recommend their patients penile traction devices post Peyronies Surgery Therapy, to assist with the aftecare of the penis and the ensuring that the surgery is more effective than being by itself. Recent studies in the area of Penis Enlargement, Post Operative Care, suggests the following:
"The current published literature suggests that selected cases of PD may benefit from a conservative approach with PTT, resulting in increased penile length and reduction of penile deformity. It appears to be safe and well tolerated but requires a great deal of patient compliance and determination"(Ther Adv Urol. 2013 February)
It is important to repeat that the use of this device requires patience, and commitment and it is equally important to convey to the customer that this device should not, and is not to be considered, a short term quick fix.
In selling it, how do you determine if it fits the customers needs? Well, in this regard there are two options. It's not particularly viable to walk up to a customer and say, 'hey look you seem to have a curved dick this product will be great for you' as this is quite confronting and can most certainly be taken the wrong way. However, by putting the traction extenders next to the penis pumps, you can subtly and easily communicate the difference between them. So for example, if a customer is looking at penis pumps you could tell them the benefits of penis pumps, whilst also suggesting 'So the penis pumps are fantastic for increased size and erectile dysfunction, whereas the Traction extenders work best with penile enlargement and those with peyronies disease, or the treatment of a curved penis.' This allows the customer to be informed, whilst not necessarily confronting them and asking personal questions.
5. Penis Weights
Weights, or penis hanging, works similar to the traction devices, it is a more traditional penis enlargement method and has actually been used for thousands of years in various cultures. Like traction devices, the weights work in a way that creates micro tears in the tissue. This sounds bad, but it is assuredly not, the micro tears force the body to regenerate these tears and it promotes cell growth which actually assists in extending the penile shaft. Penis weights work slightly differently than traction devices because the weights give you the opportunity to apply virtually any kind of weight that you would like. This cannot be done with the traction devices which have a limit to the amount of tension that you can apply to them. Unlike the traction devices which take considerable amounts of time, a single 20 minute session 3-4 times a week can be considerable in terms of penile length gains. A typical penis weight work out looks like this.
Step one: Several minutes of applied heat through a damp towel which promotes blood flow.
Step Two: Apply a Weight of between 600grams to 1 kilo to start off with and work upwards from that
Step Three: Use this work-out 3-4 times a week
Step Four: Warm down with a warm damp towel for several minutes following a penile shaft massage.
Things not to do:
Never add more than 500grams in a fortnightly cycle.
Never add more than a single session per week.
Failure to do this can stress the work out and you'll not be able to achieve the effects that you want.
All of these devices and tools have their own varying degrees of effectiveness and whilst all focus on penis lengthening, they each have their own strengths and varying sub focus such as helping with erectile dysfunction, girth, and also the straightening of the penis. It is essential that the pros and cons be given to each customer once they have selected a product, and once that product has been brought to the counter.